Our team is composed by psychology specialists who are devoted to help you Be.Live everything is possible. With vast expertise, our facilitators will guide you through the program, step by step, so you can accomplish every set goal. They will help you understand how the mind works in order to fortify you mind-tools, same which will lead you anywhere you want to go.

Andrea Funes - Clinical Psychologist

Through my career I have heard of infinite courses and seminars that promise to magically transform your life as soon as you take them, as if they could just transform you into somebody else. I must admit that, when they told me about BeLive I was pretty much skeptical about it. After getting to know one of its facilitators and actually taking the course, I found out it was something extremely different. Why? Because it does not promise anything.

I love the fact that BeLive leaves you the responsibility of your own personal change; it acknowledges the value of willpower and the strength of self-consciousness. It gives you the knowledge of how mind works, but the decision of using these new acquired tools, is yours only. From the beginning BeLive does not take you from granted; it puts you in the centre of transformation, as any other course should. Realising how my beliefs have affected my daily behavior has not only helped me improve my personal and professional life, but it gave me the chance to get to know myself a little better, and for me, there is no thing as valuable as that.

Belen Falcon - Organisational Psychologist

The first time I heard about BeLive, they told me it would change my life. As a psychologist, I am used to be in touch with this kind of seminars, therefore I had opposing opinions. From one side I really excited about it, but from the other I was rather skeptical.

I now can say that BeLive was a watershed in my life; I realised the importance of creating a certain lifestyle, as well as the concepts and ideas we learn and interiorise within it. The most important thing for me is the application of what I learnt in my daily life, wheter I am home or at work. What I like the most about being a BeLive facilitator is when people discover they can do so much more than what they have already done and they give themselves permission to break their old paradigms to initiate new adventures in their lives. I love when they share their experiences and the impact it had on their lives.